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Rose Financial provides services for both the Plan Sponsor and the Financial Consultant responsible for the investments on the plan.
When approaching this business, many FCs are overwhelmed by the complicated nature of the laws and products pertaining to these plans.  Some FCs will avoid these opportunities for fear of looking inexperienced or even under qualified in front of the potential client.  Our job is to help you fill whatever gaps in expertise or experience which might be there.
We are there with you through every step of the sales, plan establishment, and ongoing administrative process.  We are the contact for the plan Sponsor on a day to day basis.  We are the liaison between them, the fund provider, and you.  This keeps the more complicated questions from bogging down your day.  Here are just some of the ways that we help:
Al Rossetti is available for sales calls via telephone, webcast, and (more typically) in person.  Al has more than 20 years of experience in establishing and servicing these plans.  Al’s role is to serve as your backup answering the questions you can’t with a degree of expertise which reflects well upon you.  In fact, Al can handle every part of the sales process/presentation pertaining to retirement plans leaving you to address the investment questions (funds, returns, asset allocation) which is what you do every day with your non-retirement plan clientele.
In addition to the services we provide as a part of plan set up and conversions, we will also help coordinate the employee meetings.  We order and/or supply any materials necessary for employee meetings as well as ongoing plan communications.  Al will also participate in the employee meetings serving in a similar role to that described under the sales process.
Once you have a retirement plan client, it is important to keep them.  Rose Financial is doing that for you.  We have frequent interaction with the client making sure that their needs are met based on day to day activity.  We are careful to keep you “in the loop” on these communications.  Therefore, if you are speaking with the client about the plan, you will appear to have your finger on the pulse.

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